Kenley Wine Purse

This Wine Purse is stylish with a modern design and good leather quality. It provides also some other compartment for your little items. So feel free to drink wherever you want while you keep your drink fresh!

Kenley Wine Purse

You may be an amateur of wine and like to drink outside with your friends by a nice day of summer. But you don’t like that outsiders get to know what you are up to drink. And you probably like nice handbags. So with the team, we have the ultimate item to make your wine drinking life cooler, fresher, more practical and safe from the view of outsiders.

With the Wine Purse hold a cool woman bag on your arm that hides your favorite wine. Keep them fresh with the trendy cool bag. Store till 3 liters of wine in pouches and serve it directly from the outside spout. Or you can also put 2 bottles and keep them fresh inside if you prefer. When you stop serving, cover the spout with the discrete flap. And no one can guess you are holding 3 liters of wine in your bag!


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