Joseph Joseph Compactor Trash Can

Joseph Joseph Titan 30 Compactor Trash Can allow you to reduce the size of your waste, to receive a quantity of waste up to 3x more from a trash can of the same size. Thanks to a patented handle system, you will rely on the contents of the bin, without any direct contact with the waste for hygienic use. You will use fewer bags! During compaction, the bag covers the garbage to avoid the rise of odors and so that the bag does not tear.
To avoid odors in the kitchen, the bin has a charcoal filter. The opening is hygienic thanks to the pedal, you can also block the lid for a change of bag easy. Made of stainless steel, the trash can is modern and discreet to integrate with any kitchen. The welcome pack contains 3 custom bags, a charcoal filter, the trash and the instructions for use.