iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

Are you one of those people who loves tinkering with PCs or laptops? If something is wrong, are you the person your friends call for various repairs? Is adjusting and solving the problems of the people next to you your vocation? In a word, you are the Macgyver of modern times!

Then this DIY toolkit will be the light of your eyes! The iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit is the set of universal and indispensable tools for all electronic repairs, whether they are household problems or industrial maintenance. And if you have nothing to fix for yourself, you can "vent" all day with the technical difficulties of the neighbor.  The kit provides, for example, all those precision tweezers (without which it is impossible to reach certain places!) To repair the PC, the wristwatch and everything else you want to try. Maybe you won't be a professional, but thanks to this kit with lots of practical bag/case, you will be very close to us.

Given that cell phone repair is a booming industry, your fortune will soon be made if you dedicate yourself to it! The 70+ pieces that you will find inside the practical case will allow you to keep the appliances around you always in perfect condition.