Hydraulic Robot Arm Kit

A scientific engineering game that first puts you to the test with the construction of a Hydraulic Robot Arm, then entertains you every time you play.

Do you love construction games and are not afraid to put yourself to the test with an engineering project? The DIY Hydraulic Robot Arm Kit is what is right for you.

It is a complex robot arm to be assembled from scratch. The pieces are well 229 but after the assembly you will have not only a robotic arm, but also a hydraulic one. In fact every movement of the arm operated with levers connected to small hydraulic pistons, which move the various components by pumping or sucking air. So to use it you don't need batteries or electricity.

After assembling the arm you can put it to the test and see everything you can do thanks to its precision.
The Hydraulic Robot Arm it is equipped with 6 moving parts: the base that rotates, the shoulder, the elbow, the wrist, the inclination of the clamp and its opening and closing.

Each mobile part is connected to a lever that controls the hydraulic piston, except for the rotating base that moves with a crank.

Once you are familiar with the controls you can test yourself at the controls of your DIY robotic arm , trying to maneuver it with precision movements to grab and move various objects. The gripper can also be removed to leave only a powerful suction cup and alternate between the two types of gripping of the objects.
If you are looking for an advanced science / engineering game to combine the fun of a robotic arm using a hydraulic movement system, the Hydraulic Robot Arm is the perfect gadget. A gift idea for children (from 10 years) that will conquer them.