HotelPaw Pet Shark Bed

Cats are one of the biggest enemies of all the fish. But outside the safe four walls, the shark is at the top of the food chain. A hungry shark would take a cat as an appetizer. But what if the cat encounters a shark in the living room?

This Pet Shark Bed looks like a gluttonous shark, who takes the cat and then digests it in the depths of its throat. But he is not as dangerous as he looks! In its throat, the shark has a super soft pillow on which your cat can take its afternoon nap. The shark is stable, but still, when your cat jumps from above, it squeezes. If you prefer Large size pet shark bed, it is suitable for a pet up to eleven kilograms!

HotelPaw Pet Shark Bed

This pet shark bed for small animals has the fun (at least for the owners) a shark's shape. We must say that dogs and cats will hardly recognize the most feared predator of the seas, nor should they see his mouth full of sharp teeth as a threat. So they will use it without too much trouble and will thus find a safe and comfortable shelter to do their rest or sleep at night.

As mentioned, it is designed for small animals, but you can still choose between two different sizes, Small, for animals up to 4.5 kg and Large, for those who do not exceed 11 kg.

But the kennel is not limited to offering a bed with a curious shape, in fact, it is made with a special and innovative nanotechnological material able to absorb and eliminate bacteria and odors.

A perfect material to make an animal's kennel, especially for those who are lucky to have a garden to play in or who are often taken for walks.

For other types of needs, it can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth, while the internal cushion can be extracted and washed in the washing machine.

Another very important thing is safety, in fact, this special material has nothing dangerous or potentially toxic, so even if your pet bites or licks it will not take any risk other than biting a piece of cloth.