Hobbit Feet Slippers

For all those who have never dreamed of being Aragorn, Legolas, the Witch King (or Gollum, but this is more understandable) but rather to be a hobbit, we present you the Hobbit Feet Slippers! Hobbits as you probably know are characterized by their small size, their slightly pointed ears, their ruddy face but ESPECIALLY by the abundant hair that grows on their feet! They live peacefully barefoot in the Shire where the soil is always green. But since we are mere humans and this plantar hair is not our own, just bring us the ultimate accessory that turns out to be the hobbit feet! With these slippers all hairy you will become a real hobbit such as the famous Bilbo or Frodo! Fans can, indeed, project themselves more easily in the wonderful adventures of the Middle Earth while having the feet well warm in front of their book or their television. The quest for Mordor is launched!