Hexbug Aquabot Robotic Fish with Fishbowl

What do your other fishes think when one of this Aquabot Robot Fish joins them? It’s high time for you to have your own Robotic Pet. This is a robotic fish that really swims; available in two styles, made of plastic and metal and available with color options. It comes with its own fishbowl as well. Equipped with sensors that allow it to start swimming automatically so that it starts swimming in different directions to explore around, operates with two batteries.

And no worries, as long as you change its battery, it won’t die!

Dive into the world of Aquabots, Hexbug fish robots. These robotic fish use electromagnetic propulsion to move underwater. They can dive, turn around and swim upwards, like a real fish.

Moreover, with its Smart fish technology, its sensors will allow you to wake him up by tapping on the glass of its aquarium.

Thanks to the Hexbug Aquabot children's robots you will be able to contemplate your little fish without worrying about cleaning the aquarium.


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