Giant Floating Unicorn

Is that a bird? A gigantic unicorn? Or a boat? Nothing like this – here comes the Pegacorn, a winged and floating relative of the unicorn in mega-format! The Pegacorn is a kind of giant air mattress, about 5 m long and can accommodate up to 4-6 people! The magical creature is equipped with seating and drink holders for the hippest pool party of the summer!

One early morning, we discovered a herd of extremely rare members of the unicorn family grazing at dawn on an island in the South Pacific. Ordinary unicorns are already somewhat unusual. But these exotic creatures of the genus Pegacorns are not only rare, but they also have wings! And by the way, they are also huge! We lured them with pastel-colored carrots and persuaded some of the giant creatures to come home with us. And here they are: Are you ready for the most outrageous pool party of the summer?!

The super gigantic Pegacorn has a considerable height at the withers and can accommodate six adults. So drum up your clique and enjoy exotic vibes at the pool! Whether beach, lake or pool - tropical South Sea feeling is guaranteed if you let the Pegacorn to water! Our fabulous Pegacorn is five meters long, and thanks to inflatable cushions and integrated beverage holders, you'll feel like you're on an exotic island in the middle of paradise. This is pure summer when you float on a gigantic pegacorn in the water. People with small, inconspicuous air mattresses will turn green with envy!


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