4 Seasons Spice Rack

A set of 4 spice jars dedicated to the 4 seasons: each is re-evoked with a different tree, but the final touch will be up to you with the spice of the right color!

Four Seasons Spice Rack

Every season has its peculiarities and colors, but it also has its flavors. In the summer there are those of fresh fruit and ice creams; autumn knows mushrooms, pumpkin, and chestnuts; the winter of polenta, stewed and all those savory and savory dishes; Springtime instead make us appreciate the awakening of nature with strawberries, cherries, and other delights.

The flavors, however, may also be those that add to our notes, our experiences are in our booth all year round you can find associations with the four seasons. A curious way not only to associate seasonal spices but also to bring them to the table is the set of four Seasons Spice Rack, a very original way to add flavor and style to your meals and your kitchen also.

Season Themed Jar Containers

The set is in a tray with 4 small jars made of transparent transparency. Each single jar is associated with a season, which is recalled with a small tree.

Summer has a cactus, autumn is leafless, winter with a pine and spring with a green sapling that is sprouting.

Prepare the spices, Four Seasons Spice Rack is ready to bring the four seasons on the table!



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