FLOATY Unicorn Pool Float

A beautiful summer day, nice to swim in the pool with a drink in your hand. Sounds good right? That can be even more fun this summer with an inflatable unicorn pool float!

FLOATY Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float

It is a pool float, also called an air mattress is actually just an inflatable object floating in the pool so you can relax in the water without necessarily going into it. They make them in all shapes and sizes. So you have animals such as a flamingo, swan, shark, dolphin and many more animals. But at the moment the inflatable unicorn is very popular. They also make pool floats in the form of food, a very familiar one is the donut. There are many different forms, one with your legs in the water and hang while you hang through a hole on the airbed, but there are also where you can lie or sit!


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