Floating Hammock

Ready for the ultimate relaxation? In this water hammock, you leisurely drift directly on the water surface. The perfect combination of cooling water and warm air for undisturbed chilling! The floating hammock is equally suitable for sea and pool.

You're lying on the air mattress and everything would be super if it was not so hot. You let slip into the water, but there it is cold, so again out on the air mattress. But this is now smooth, so you slip off again and again. Typical! If you had let yourself drift on our fantastic water hammock, that would not have happened. The floating hammock provides ultimate relaxation in the water!

As you float in the water hammock directly on the water surface, you will experience the best of two worlds: the warm summer air and the cooling effect of the water! The floating hammock has an inflatable cushion and a footrest for maximum comfort; The actual lying surface consists of a soft mesh.

The floating hammock provides ultimate relaxation for lazy days by the sea or pool!