GoPong Floating Beer Pong Table

A true party always starts with a contentious beer pong match. Let’s put the volume up and start the party with this easy inflatable floating beer pong table!

Sometimes you just want to play beer pong during the day, in the sun. Instead of a dark corner of a party in the middle of the night. And that is possible.

This beer pong table is easy to carry and to take anywhere; beach, camping, festivals, sea, pool, wherever you want to party at. Beer pong is not its only feature; you can use it as a floating bar table to spare time in the water with your friends around it. Also, you can take a nap under the sun by taking sips from your drink. It is big sized, easy to air up floating table also has a built-in beer cooler that can hold up 18 beverages and the whole set includes 6 Pong Balls. With this cool useful floating table, your parties will never be the same!