FlipBelt Reflective Waist Pouch

A warning to sportive Housers, here is the perfect jogging friend. With this Reflective FlipBelt be sure to be seen by every car drivers at night. And stop to be disturbed about the bouncing of your items in your pocket.

So get ready to run safe!

Reflective FlipBelt

Whenever you wear that sports belt you forget that it's even there. There are four openings split between the front and back. So you can easily slide-in, iPhone, Passport, keys, wallet, and even a little water bottle. Then you can go fast as Flash! This belt has been designed to eliminate bouncing and chafing or tubular. It's Washable in the machine and exists in black and green. The Reflective FlipBelt will protect you and your indispensable items, without you even notice it.