EMBER Temperature Control Mug

Thanks to this marvelous Temperature Control Mug, you’ll always drink your coffee on the perfect degree of heat. It is so simple to use; you just rotate the bottom of the mug and set the temperature then leave the rest to this magic coffee mug. It also has a smartphone application to track the degree of the mug. You can also change the temperature through this application.

EMBER Temperature Control Mug

You make a cup of tea, continue what you were doing and forget that you made tea. After (self-filling time) you start to 'wake up' and find out that your tea has become iced tea. That problem is a thing of the past!

Designer Clay Alexander has come up with a cup with which you can precisely control the temperature of your drink. With his company Ember he has developed this Ember mug, Inc.com writes. The sensors in the cup can heat your drink, keep it warm (about 48 to 65 degrees) and cool down. With Ember, Alexander wants to renew the way people consume. In this case by giving them the control of the temperature themselves.

It works simply. With a touchscreen button behind the Ember logo, you put the cup on. Then turn the bottom part of the cup to set the desired temperature. By pressing the cup at the top, there is a 360-degree opening through which you can drink. Thanks to the large opening and the material, stainless steel, you have the feeling that you drink from a ceramic mug. Your drink will stay on temperature for two hours if you take it with you. If you use the charger, you can constantly enjoy the perfect temperature.

Via an app on your phone and/or smartwatch you can also adjust the temperature if you want to. You can also give your cup a name and save settings per drink so you can quickly reset it.