DREAMLEAF Lucid Dreaming Pills

So if you also want to be the hero of your own adventures and remember it, take the blue and the red pill. They will help you to access the matrix, explore the rabbit hole and maybe be catch that irksome bunny!

Lucid Dreaming pills

The human being has always been endowed with the ability to travel into the most fantastic place, without moving the slightest toe. Yes, I talk about dreams. But unfortunately, it’s always been a pain in the ass to realize at your wake-up time that all your adventures memories are gone. Perhaps you tamed a flying whale and saved the world. Or you might have the most romantic adventure of all times. But more you try to remember and more those souvenirs go away. It's like trying to catch the mist.

And what if you can remember your dreams? What if you can actually realize that you are dreaming? Being conscious into your deepest conscience. You would be able to realize your most crazy dreams, literally!

So today we are happy to introduce you the most advanced and effective Lucid Dreaming Pills of the world. This magic supplements will provide you lucid dreaming, dream recall, and a nice balanced sleep. How? By activating your ACh neurotransmitters which cause conscious and controlled dreaming.

As Housers, we also have this particular dream! To control and remember every adventure while we are peacefully connected to morphée (on a king size bed).