Draw A Blank Word Game

Draw a Blank means to fill an empty space, and this is what you need to do in this fun board game. The game mechanics test your vocabulary knowledge, but also your ability to reason under pressure and use a minimum of strategy in placing the cards on the table.
This means that whoever has the most extensive vocabulary does not always win. Certainly, the most learned are greatly advantaged.

How to play Draw a Blank


In the board game, there are 2 types of cards. The white ones with the letters of the alphabet and the blue ones with the empty spaces.

At the start of the game, each player draws 5 random letters and forms his personal reserve.

The first player receives the hourglass and a special 6 die. The die roll determines how many tiles with the spaces must use in its turn. The letters are instead at his discretion, provided he uses at least one of his 5 letters.

After choosing how many letters to use make up the cards in the center of the table, placing letters and empty spaces to taste.

Now you can kick off the actual round in which all the players participate. You turn the hourglass and find as many words as possible by completing the blanks.

When the hourglass ends, control is carried out through a comparison between players. As a verification, you can choose what to use, from a dictionary to Google.

The score of the round is calculated by making the number of used letters multiplied by the number of words found.

Example: on the table, there are 2 letters and various empty spaces. I found 5 words, the score is 2 x 5, then 10 points. The player who scored the most points in the round also receives 5 bonus points.

The player who created the sequence draws new letters to get back to 5, then starts a new turn. The player on the left receives an hourglass and a die and does the same thing as the first player. From the second round on, however, the interaction with the words already present on the table is added. In fact, in Draw a Blank the new cards must always be combined with those already on the table. They can only stick to a card, as they can use those present to form new longer words. The important thing is that they are always arranged from left to right and from top to bottom.

But be careful not to create sequences too complicated. If in one turn none of the players finds at least 1 word, whoever created the sequence receives 20 points of malus.

The game proceeds until all the cards in the bag are finished. Then we proceed with the calculation of the total scores. Who has scored the most points wins the game.

If you want to make faster Draw a Blank game you can make the first player who reaches 100 points wins the game.


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