DOOM Board Game

The corporatist aerospace union established on the planet Mars has concerns to be made! The time-space continuum is pierced with breccias and frightful demonic creatures have only one thing in mind: our destruction!

DOOM Board Game

In this defensive confrontation game, players embody heavily armed marines to fight hell and protect humanity! They will have missions to accomplish.

Charged with exploring the corridors of the base represented by the plateau itself, which is squared and flexible, they will have to find outlets while neutralizing and literally slaughtering the demons who put themselves in their path. In this board game where combat, tactics, and simulation are paramount, among the marines, one of the players will be designated to play the invading creatures! It is he who builds the stage and this from one of the proposed scenarios.

In each of the scenarios is a plan where we find the location of the evil creatures! The ones that the marines will meet throughout their progression! The board is divided into zones, you will have on one side the marines that will try to enter new areas (open doors) and the opponent player who will be responsible for placing the monsters on the board for the sole purpose of annihilating the marines!

The only mission of the navies will be to find a way out of ambushes alive. But in this game, nobody is eliminated because no one really dies. The invading player accumulates a number of "kills" each time he manages to kill marines. These never really die!

This geek board game has for the pleasure of fans and fans of Doom a quality material with a box well supplied: tiles through the cards, dice, and figurines! Everything is there!

The theme is based on the video game Bethesda, the one that released in 2016!

Go to hell - and do not come back!


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