PupFlask Dog Drinking Bottle

When it’s hot, your dog needs to drink a lot! The practical PupFlask Dog Drinking Bottle has a hygienic shell, from which your four-legged friend can breathe clean water when you go on a trip.

Does your Wauwau look at you with big, sad dog eyes, if you open on a hot summer day a bottle with wonderful sparkling, refreshingly cold water? Our clever water bottle for dogs with the practically shaped, the fold-out shell will elicit a cheerful tail waving from your four-legged friend! You can now avoid dirty puddles or greasy, public water bowls. Our water bottle with the bowl is hygienic and has a special shape because the dog has a very special way to slurp water!

The bottle can be - like any other bottle - easily take with you. It is ideal for walks or long car rides. If you think it's time for your sweetheart to drink something, unfold the spoon-shaped silicone container and fill it with water. When your dog has finished drinking, the container is folded, dried and put back in the bag.

Dirty water bowls make them now a bow. Our dog drinking bottle is practical, easy to use and hygienic.

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