Panasonic Deodorizing Coat Hanger

This Deodorizing Coat Hanger will keep your clothes smell fresh all the time for you. After you hang them on this device, it will suppress odors with its negative charged ions in almost 6 hours and it has no harm to your clothes. You can either take your clothes away fresh and clean or keep them in your wardrobe.

Electronics manufacturer Panasonic has released a coat hanger in Japan that can deodorize your clothing. The smart hanger is not only able to make your clothes fresh, but can also be used in the fight against pollen. The pendant relies on a specially developed nano-tech, which shoots extremely small negatively charged particles in the air. These particles collect moisture from the air and use that moisture to remove the bad odors. The technology has been tested in pet shops since 2012.

The deodorizing coat hanger does have a plug, so it is useful if you have a socket close to your closet. Panasonic says that the hanger can be used to remove odors from smoke, sweat and grilled meat.


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