Dead of Winter A Crossroads Game

The game is a psychological survival game of a meta-collaboration. This means that players must work together against a common goal – but in order for each individual player to win, she must also fulfill her own secret goal. This secret goal can relate to a psychological detail that is reasonably harmless to the rest of the players in the colony, a dangerous occupation that could endanger the main goal, a desire to sabotage the mission, or (worst of all) revenge against the colony! Certain games may end up winning everyone, all losers, or a mixture of them. Work together against the group’s goals, but do not be bullied by a high-ranking speaker who is just looking for their own interests!

With Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game, fall into a post-apocalyptic world, where most of the humanity is dead or sick. Face your fears and work together for the goodness of your colony. This adventure can be shared by 2-5 Housers. Every player leads his own faction of survivors and manages tens of different characters.

Dead of Winter is a psychological survey meta-cooperative game. It’s mean that the players work together to attend a common purpose. But every player can also be victorious by achieving his secret mission. Those personal purposes are mostly about jeopardizing the colony statement. For some games, you can all win or at least certain of the players, and for others Winterkill them all. So work together but do not trust anyone!

And Housers! If you want a shivering ambiance while you play that game, we advise you to play that soundtracks: Dead of Winter Soundscape. Have a nice scary post-apocalyptic zombie game!