Darth Vader Cookie Jar with Sounds

Suddenly it becomes dark. He gasps, hisses and groans. And somewhere the imperial march sounds as Lord Vader enters the room and everyone in the room tries to disperse as inconspicuously as possible. It is about including terror, says the evil Sith Lord, and when he finally comes to the conclusion that the road to the dark side does not lead to the goal, it is – depending on the perspective – either too late (Emperor) or just in time ( rest of the universe).

Better to sit in company with a good dose of candy and a good cup discussing everything in peace rather than weapons, conquests, intrigues, and evil things. That’s why we take the sound of the Star Wars Darth Vader jar, fill it with some cookies or other sweets and leave all the conflicts for a second. This is, as all Star Wars supporters probably know, the healthiest method.