Danish Fuel Tank Bar Cabinet

Add the industrial ambiance of the war industry with the Danish Fuel Tank Bar Cabinet. This cool home decor item was produced by Danish Fuel, who designs hand-made bar cabinets from old fuel boxes, by redesigning Jerry Cans during World War II. This bar cabinet has been cleaned and painted by spraying and sand blasting methods from original portable fuel tanks. Afterwards laser cut is used to sharpen and align the corners. For the shelves thin plywood coatings are used. Finally, the 1937 style mirrors and hinges were mounted to complete the bar cabinet look. There are four luxury and industrial designs of this fuel tank bar cabinets that you can check on kickstarter!

Danish Fuel brings an immortalized design into the interior industry in a new and different way. Bar cabinets and toilet cabinets, designed on the basis of old gasoline tanks!

The company behind is Danish Fuel and is a good example of a concept that has taken the concept of upcycling. At a time that increased consumption has put the world's resources under pressure, it is good for both environment and business to recycle to get a better product than the original one. With a piece of history, Danish Fuel 'Jerry Cans' makes bar and toilet cabinets that are both raw and luxurious at the same time.

Benzines were invented by Germans to transport fuel. Only when the Englishmen got hold of the blankets, they got the name 'Jerry Cans' after the nickname of their inventors. Originally, they had different colors that symbolized the content. Light blue was petroleum, yellow was diesel oil, red ordinary gasoline and in the blue there was water. Danish Fuel uses the original green and red color in their design, but they also come in gold, copper, gray, white and black.


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