Cozmo The Emotional Robot

This emotional robot has his own mind, a well-tempered behavior and his unique personality that evolves in your contact. His artificial intelligence makes him constantly discovering and learning about the world, his capacities and also you. Defy him at games with his own tools and playground software. He can be actually a really bad opponent while you win against him.  And new games will be constantly uploaded to its app. However, you can activate the explorer mode and discover the world with his own eyes!

Artificial intelligence does not have to be a scary thing. Cozmo is a funny and so cute mini robot, a candidate to be the cute face of artificial intelligence technology. Inspired by WALL-E, Cozmo is a playmate with artificial intelligence. Anki has taken care to make Cozmo as smart and human as possible. Cozmo, who can react to many situations where people react, has a lot of emotions ranging from being angry to being tired to calm. For example, if you lose the game you played together, Cozmo gets very angry. It does not go very well with you to take it from the table. If you agree to play with him, it's a reason to be happy. Cozmo, who is quite cute, can remember people with face recognition technology and also memorize their names at the same time. The robot is powered by iOS and Android compatible application, which is provided with three different sensors for high-altitude or easier maneuvering. Because all the technical operations are carried out through the application, there are no hardware parts that makeup Cozmo's body. All the work is on Anki's servers. 

This cozy robot comes straight out of Anki's barn, a San Francisco company that wants to make artificial intelligence accessible to everyone. Such a snappy Cozmo immediately removes the doom of the multitasking robot that threatens to replace man, because the robot does not hurt a fly and just wants to hear it. More an intelligent pet, actually on the large palm of your hand.

Cozmo is therefore not an assistant that should make your life easier because Anki wants to deepen our relationship with technology in the first place. And they succeed in that, because, according to users, Dealing with Cozmo would feel natural in a mysterious way. You gotta love your Cozmo!

In contrast to its less sophisticated predecessors, the robot has software to store its findings. By means of the 3 supplied cubes, which all have a sensor, Cozmo makes a map of the area and can thus estimate its route. For example, you will never see him thrust from the table. Those cubes also serve as toys. This way you can enter into a duel with this playing bird: whoever first touches a block wins.

Cozmo, with whom you can play different games together with the three cubes he brings together, also develops the features with daily tasks. It is also possible to remotely control via robot application. It can be quite useful for a small discovery.