GNFEI Coffee Latte Printer

Give to your coffee a touch of your emotions. Put a nut of art on the foam of your latte with this coffee printer. This robot uses an edible ink to draw lovely comments, designs or even pictures on the foam of your latte. Full your family moments of gorgeous memories. Easy to use, this art latte machine draws whatever you want in 10 seconds.

Experience art in your coffee and get your Instagram ready!

A latte art course is no longer necessary from now on. GNFEI Coffee Latte Printer is a machine that does that for you with the help of an app.

GNFEI is not a coffee machine. It does not make espressos or cappuccinos. What this machine does, is making perfect latte art onto your coffee latte foam. You place GNFEI next to your coffee machine, where you can 'print' a figure, text or portrait in your coffee after putting foamed milk into your coffee. Download the corresponding app and you can choose from a variety of images in the library. You can also add your own photos and print them on your cappuccino.