Click & Grow Autonomous Indoor Smart Herb Garden

Don’t you dream of a mini garden in the kitchen that you can take from whatever you need for the meal? Click & Grow offers you the solution: a smart autonomous indoor garden pot to grow your best organic and aromatic herbs!

Click and Grow is an autonomous smart pot that is here to grow your plants for you. It’s extremely easy to use but the technology behind it is far from simple. The backbone of the click and grow is what the plants growing in. Its soil material looks like a normal soil but it is actually a nano-material that provides the ideal amounts of oxygen and nutrients for the plant root of all types. With the new click and grow the smart herb garden, you can grow three herbs at the same time but the smallest amount of effort!

The smart and separate courtyard of Click & Grow has a water reservoir that only needs to be replenished once a month. The solid automatically and immediately extracts water from the source and provides a lush bloom. It has been developed using nanotechnology and provides your aromatic herbs with maximum nutrition. Never ask your neighbors to water the plants when you go on holiday, with this smart garden you will not have to worry about it anymore.

You do not have to have a garden, terrace or balcony, the smart garden fits perfectly into your apartment and beautifies your interior. By the natural light that the LED lamp lights and flourish and benefit from the sunlight. Virtue target cultivation has a system that provides the plants with sufficient light hours (16 hours a day) and energy. You do not have to keep an eye on your plants, they will grow automatically.

The starter kit comes with basil, thyme, and lemon balm to add flavor and variety to your cooking. Plant refills are also available so you can grow various other herbs; tomatoes, chili peppers or even strawberries in your kitchen or living room. You don’t need to be a perfect gardener just to grow plants. Just watch and enjoy them growing!


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