Chemistry Mug

Chemistry is said to be somehow the mother of all things and also all life, at the latest from that time, when at that time a few amino acids met the housewarming party for the first time. That is why, to this day and in the future, we are cheerfully exploring everything possible and impossible in terms of both chemical composition. Of course, caffeine, the alkaloid of alkaloids, which is actually 1,3,7-trimethyl-2,6-purindione called, but which, as you will admit, no one can remember. Which is why we write only the molecular formula on our mercilessly accurate chemistry mug, which happens to look exactly like a laboratory vessel: C 8 -H 10 -N 4 -O 2. Totally concise and complemented by a fleet scale from 0 to 400 ml. So that even in turbulent times, a wholesome portion of accuracy and at the same time know exactly how much coffee you have once again pulled.