Cat Window Perch

Lazy lying around, a nice view, to be in the way of their human. These are the three things cats most love. This Cat Window Perch will provide all of these for your little furfur. It can be set up in a few minutes without tools and it can be attached to a glass pane. Preferably to the window. Thanks to the industrial suction cups keep the cat bed sure-footed up to 27kg. Now your cat can lie at the window, so the whole district under control. Purrfect!

The Cat Window Perch allows easy mounting of any window to allow your cat to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and keep your cat away from your household items. The perch can easily be mounted using industrial suction cups and reagents. The cat bed has a carrying capacity of approximately 27 kilograms.

Is your cat always looking for a hot, sunny place that sees the outside? This situation ends with Cat Window Perch. Say hello to the Cat Bed in the Sunny Seat of 15.57" x 26.6", say goodbye to bulky cat houses and other beds. This product contains industrial suction cups to carry up to 27 kg and is installed for glass windows and doors. Sunny Seat Window The cat bed does not cover the floor area, it makes it easier for the cathedral to watch the nature and the outside. Perfect for high-point-loving active cats or hot cats who like the sun.