Licki Cat Licking Brush

Next time your cat licks your face, show what a real crazy cat lady does – and lick it back with Cat Licking Brush Licki!

Cats do say "I like you" by licking each other's heads. The mutual licking among cats is like a big hug for us humans! Unfortunately, we humans find it disgusting to lick cat fur! But now it is time to cuddle the misunderstanding attempts with the puss: thanks to the tongue-shaped Cat Licking Brush Licki, your cat will lock you in her heart!

With Licki you have a second tongue, which is immune to furball! With the soft silicone brush, loose hair is simply licked away and at the same time, it has a wonderfully relaxing effect on you and your cat. The brush has a shape that will please your cats, and thanks to the nubs on both sides, you can easily reach any point where your cat likes to be scratched!

One of the best gifts for cat lovers!


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