Bookseat Book Pouf

The Bookseat book pouf is an Australian patented design that ensures that readers can comfortably rest their book. The book pouf offers the possibility to read hands-free. This allows the reader to read comfortably anytime and anywhere. The book pouf is ideal for book lovers, users of tablets and other devices. Bookseat offers a completely new sensation of reading completely relaxed. People often experience an uncomfortable feeling while reading or even experience pain in the limbs after prolonged reading. The book pouf offers a solution. The book pouf can be placed in any desired shape. This ensures relief of the shoulders, neck, arms, and wrists. The book pouf ensures that the reader can read while sitting, lying down or standing, without having to hold the book anywhere. In addition, the pouf weighs barely 200 grams. This makes it ideal to take with you on a trip. Reading on the train, bus or in the car becomes comfortable with the book pouf. In short, the dream of every reader!