BANG! Card Game

Bang! is a cowboy-themed, wild western board game that can be played with 7 people. In Bang! Card Game there are Sheriff, Cop, Bandit and Traitor roles and purposes of each player is different. The most exciting part of the game is that nobody knows the role of each other and everyone tries to bluff. It’s important to target the right people when it comes to voting part. The fact that there are 18 different characters in the game allows you to develop different strategies in each game and that increases the playability of the game.

BANG! Card Game won the 2007’s best card and party game award!

BANG! Distribute the role cards that include the character traits and hit points of each character. Only the role of the sheriff will be revealed. Unleash your weapons and beat your opponents in relentless duels to win the game!

The sheriff must incapacitate outlaws and renegades. Apart from the Sheriff, no one knows what the role of other players is. And there, everything is complicated, if the sheriff kills one of his deputies, he loses a point of life. The outlaws, they have the easiest position, they must kill the sheriff as soon as possible to win the game. The deputies must protect the sheriff and try to kill the outlaws and renegades, but perhaps the one who was thought to be another deputy is not what we thought! Indeed, the only goal of the renegade is to duel with the Sheriff (so to be the only survivor with him). He will ensure that the sheriff does not die right away and can pretend to be an assistant. Especially since the position of the players is paramount, basic players can only BANG! their neighbor right or left, unless you draw weapons cards that allow you to shoot further! There are also other cards that allow you to see the players further away or to be more difficult to BANG!