Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Shark

A Flying Radio Control Shark? Yes! This is real. You will enjoy scaring your guests and surprise them with this life-like flying shark. You can control it with remote radio control and refill it with helium if it gets tired of flying. Jaws is coming to your home!

Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Shark

As they move through the water, it seems they are sneaking, always looking for a new prey. Wonderful to see, as long as you are safe behind a thick glass wall in the sea aquarium. From now on you can scare your colleagues, friends, and family when suddenly a lifelike shark enters the living room!

This AirSwimmer shark is truly one of the most original and high-profile remote control gadgets we have ever seen. Fun for children's parties, of course, the kids will find it hilarious, but secretly we think that mom and dad might have a lot more fun with it. This gigantic shark, which with a length of 130 cm including tail and a height including fins of 93 cm is literally life-size, blows you up with helium so it keeps floating and with the help of the radio control with a range of 30 meters you can a real shark, with real swimming movements, swimming through space. To the left, to the right, up and down, everything is possible.

Not surprising that the AirSwimmers in 2011 at the Toys of the Year Awards to 'Best Overall Toy' was chosen. Helium is a requirement for the shark to float, but this is not included as standard. Let everyone amazed, or just scare them to death with this gigantic flying radiographic shark!


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